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Bosch Oven and Cooker repairs


Ovens and Cookers 


Bosch Cookers and ovens are one of the most desirable on the market. Even the cheaper range are very good, long lasting and easy to repair. Most common among ovens are Fan Ovens  they only faults they tend to develop are. Faulty elements and occasionally fan motors but very rare.  


Most Bosch Fan oven elements are accessible without removing the appliance from the housing. Unless the safety thermostat has failed which means working from the rear. There are  basically three different types of fan element fitted to Bosch  Fan ovens. There is what looks like half circle element and moor conventional full circle element of which there are more than one type. On ovens of all typed element failure is very often due to build up of fat on element causing hot spots on element ring. Also elements just fade away like light bulbs after a few years. 


Engineers report:- lt67  Attend Bosch   HBN700550/01  


Fault: customer reports that oven not heating. 


Unplug and Perform earth leakage/low insulation test. Test  Earth Leakage  Suspect Element, Remove cooker from housing and remove back panel. Isolate each element in turn Megger test each in turn . Fault found main oven element (no circuit and earth leakage) 


Action taken:-  Fit new Fan oven element. Megger test again OK. Re-fit back plate. Re-fit oven into housing. Re-set clock. Perform standard test procedure again. OK 


Spares used:- Element  Part No ELE2052 


Engineers report:- lt442 Attend Bosch   HBN43055OB/02  


Fault: customer reports oven poor heating 


Unplug and Perform earth leakage/low insulation test. Test  OK. Set fan oven to low temperature and observe if fan is starting up and if appliance heating. No Fan action. Remove cooker from housing and remove back panel. Set oven to low temperature again and live 240 testers ascertain if power getting to motor.  


Fault found  faulty motor Continuity test motor , open circuit. 


Action taken:- Fit new motor. Re-fit back. Re-fit oven into housing. Perform full test procedure again test OK. 


Spares used:- Fan motor Part no  490541 


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