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White Knight Domestic Appliance Repairs


White Knight repairs in Merseyside and LiverpoolTumble Dryers 

Before examining or investigating any failure or malfunction of any electrical appliance it must first be isolated (disconnected) from the electricity supply. 


As a Tumble Dryer gets older the belt becomes less supple. If the machine is left for some time without being used (especially in a cold environment) For instance whilst you are away on holiday the belt tends to form its self into the shape of the motor pulley around which it is stretched.


If then you place a large load if damp heavy washing in the machine, turn it on the motor will start to turn; but with the weight of washing and with the belt formed round the motor pulley; the belt does not move and the motor subsequently turning at high speed burns the belt until it snaps. 


This can be avoided simply by reaching in and turning the drum slightly by hand before putting you washing in. (With the appliance disconnected from the electricity supply of course)     


Blowing cold: -  


When a White Knight tumble dryer dose everything but heat up, that is (Goes thought and competes the full time stet on the timer without drying the clothes whatsoever) Sometimes this can be caused by the proper function of a safety device called a temperature limiter or a heat TOC.   


This device it is designed to prevent the appliance reaching dangerously high temperatures. Many White knight dyers have a reset-able toc’s, located on the inside of the back of the dryer. To to re-set there is a small red button protruding from the back panel. By gently pressing this red plastic button the TOC which is a bye-metal strip can be re-set. (See manufacturer’s instruction book) however before using the appliance again you must ascertain what caused the tumble dryer to overheat.  


The most common cause of over heating a due to the appliance being unable to vent properly that is (the hot damp air cannot escape from the dyer)  


Vented Dryer models:-  


Failure to keep the fluff filter clean, and or a blockage, obstruction or kink in the vent hose may be the cause.  


Condenser Dryer models:-  


Failure to keep the fluff filter clean, and or condenser unit clean also a blocked condenser unit may be the cause. 


If the problem persists and the dryer TOC continues to trip out it needs to be examined by a suitable qualified person. 


What faults a domestic appliance engineer would look for:- 


  • First of all engineer would do an earth resistance test in full appliance. (Called a mega test)  


  • Internal blockage (Appliance full of fluff, usually due to holed or damaged air filter) Repair: - Engineer would vacuum out appliance and replace filter.  
  • Broken or disconnected fan assembly……. Repair: - Engineer would replace fan.  

Not heating even with re-settable TOC re-set 


Engineer would look for:- 


  • Failure of exhaust TOC……. Repair: - Engineer would replace exhaust TOC.  
  • Failure of main heater element……. Repair: - Engineer would replace Faulty heater element.  
  • Failure of Heater Element Thermostat…… Repair: - Engineer would replace Heater Thermostat and do an insulation resistance test on Heater element.  
  • Failure of heater circuits in timer.  


Drum failing to turn but motor running. 


Engineer would look for:- 


  • Broken Drum Drive Belt…… Repair: - Engineer would replace Belt.  


Drum failing to turn because motor not running. 


Engineer would look for:- 


  • Faulty motor…….. Repair: - Engineer would replace motor.  
  • Faulty capacitor…… Repair: - Engineer would replace capacitor.  
  • Faulty timer…… Repair: - Engineer would replace timer.  


Appliance totally dead. 


Engineer would look for:- 


  • Door micro switch striker snapped off……. Repair: - Engineer would replace Door Switch striker.  
  • Door micro switch failure……. Repair: - Engineer would replace Door Switch  
  • Timer failure. ……. Repair: - Engineer would replace Timer.  


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Please note we except no liability for the information given above and we only recommend that repairs are carried out by a fully qualified engineer from MDA Spares.