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Here at MDA Spares (Merseyside Domestic Appliances) we offer Bosch Washing Machine repairs in Liverpool, Merseyside. Call us for an estimate and local repair.

Bosch washing machine fault codes.
Reset Bosch Washing Machine
For most Bosch washing machines the reset procedure appears to be the same and is carried out by following the steps below.
  • Turn the program dial to the off or reset position (12 o'clock position)
  • Turn the dial to the 6 o'clock position
  • Press and hold down the spin button and simultaneously turn the dial to the 7 o'clock position (1 click to the left)
  • Hole the spin button for 5 seconds and then release
  • Turn the dial to off position
Once the Bosch washing machine is powered up again the error should be reset or cleared. Please note this may take a few attempts to clear the fault, if fault still shows you might require further assistance to diagnose the problem with your Bosch washing machine. call us on 0151 207 0533 for Bosch washing machine repairs Liverpool.
Below are reports for the following fault codes that we have had.
F16 ERROR CODE - Door lock problem, Check the door lock and wiring or book a Bosch washing machine engineer.
F17 ERROR CODE - Inlet valve failure detected, Test and replace spare part if required or book a Bosch washing machine engineer.
F18 ERROR CODE - Drain pump error detected, check for a internal blockage, wiring or Bosch washing machine engineer required.
F21 ERROR CODE - Motor fault detected, check wiring, check carbon brushes or book a washing machine engineer.
F23 ERROR CODE - Anti flood system activated, check for leaks, check the float switch (if fitted), check wiring or book a washing machine engineer.
These are only guidelines of some of the common faults for the Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes.
CHILD LOCK ACTIVATED - To set and unset the child lock press and hold the Start/Pause button for 5 seconds after the Start/End of a programme.